Sunday school classes


A nursery is provided for children aged 6wks- through 4 years old. The nursery is available during the Sunday School hour, worship hour, and during Wednesday night events.


For children aged 4 and 5; this class is led by a rotating group of volunteers: Jean Fenwick, Nadine Bain, and Paula Patterson. The children use the Cokesbury curriculum, "Deep Blue" which is filled with Bible stories and activities.


Children from Kindergarten-3rd grade use the lessons "Bible Stories to Hear and Touch" by Terry Jones. This class is led by Jean Fenwick and Nadine Bain. This book uses crafts and activities to illustrate popular Bible stories.


The older elementary aged children, grades 4th-6th, are led by Caroline Barton. Their studies teach the children about different missions of ministry and how each student can be involved.


The Youth Sunday morning classes, grades 7-12, are led by Greg Cooper. They use the BL4Y (Bible Lessons for Youth) series, which is a comprehensive 6 year Bible to Life study that helps teens apply the Bible to their everyday life. This study helps youth understand and apply scripture to their life experiences.

On Wednesday and Sunday night, the youth are led by Greg Cooper. The evening activities begin at 6pm on Wednesday and at 5:30pm on Sunday.



The Bob Wiseman Sunday School Class uses the Revised Common Lectionary for Sunday School. Special topics are also explored. The Lectionary provides a study guide during the week as well as informs the themes for Sunday worship. This class challenges pre-conceived ideas with Biblical truths. Adults of all ages are welcome.



This class bears the name of long-time Sunday School Superintendent E. L. Therrell. Class members are mainly 65+, but all ages are welcome. Byrd Hillman, Carolyn Mitchell, and Jeanine Riecken are rotating teachers for the class. Study material is from the United Methodist curriculum, Adult Bible Studies, and is primarily lecture and discussion.



Originally known as the Young Adult Class and comprised of couples and singles, this group soon adopted the name New Covenant Class which served them well for a number of years. After the composition of the class and the focus of their study changed, the class changed the name to Follow the Word. 

Literature for the class is chosen quarterly from Forecast (a United Methodist resource catalogue) and other sources and includes topical, challenging and timely series. Various members take turns facilitating the lively discussions. Currently the class in comprised of women. All ages are welcome to join or visit with us. 



The young adult class enjoys different studies ranging from current events and how they relate to their own Christian journey to holiday specific studies (Lent, Advent, etc.).

They are an open minded group aged from 25-40-ish. They love good discussion and would love for you to join them.  They meet in the Children's Choir room (the first room at the top of the first flight of stairs-off the sanctuary).



A longstanding class in our church, this group of men meets weekly in the Wasson Chapel. The literature used is the Adult Bible Study Series. Taught by a rotating group of leaders (Eddie Fenwick and Bill Roberts) lessons are primarily lecture style. The age range of the class is wide-with all men being invited to participate. They would love to have you join them.



Made up of adults ranging from 40-something to 60-something, the class uses the Adult Bible Studies curriculum and other seasonal studies. Lessons include Bible study along with faith sharing and life experience. Highlights of each lesson and the meaningful discussions and sharing of different viewpoints of how the bibile applies to us today. Alicia Carter serves as the teacher.  



Women of all ages are welcome to be a part of this class. Rotating teachers for the lecture/discussion class are Tina Cheek, Diane Grey, Lee Staten and June Hunt Stokes. The classroom is located adjacent to the Parlor and across the hall from the Wasson Chapel.