Our Mission

ALIVE exists to lead students to grow in a faith relationship with Jesus that will influence their life, purpose, and fellowship.

Who We Are

We are a place for students to be accepted and challenged just as they are and discover how God wants to use them to change the world.

God has given us all gifts that we can use to glorify and further His Kingdom, here on earth as it is in heaven. Challenging you to use your gifts and live a life of integrity in Christ is a huge part of who we are. Yet we are a community of imperfect youth who doubt, have pain and fail, but we trust in Jesus and each other to accept us, heal us and change us. We hope that ALIVE is a place you are accepted, challenged and loved.

What We Do

ALIVE :: sunday nights 5:30-7pm 

This is a fun time full of food, fellowship, and games. We use this time to grow together and learn what it means for Jesus to influence our life, purpose, and fellowship. 

MidWeek :: wednesday nights 6-7pm

MidWeek is when we get together for fun, teaching, and community. This is a great environment for our students and visitors to come together and have a little fun intertwined with the truth of God’s word.