Week of September 25, 2016

WOW menu for Wednesday 9/28: Hamburgers, baked beans, potato chips and dessert. Cost is $4/adult, $2/child, max of $12/family. Dinner starts around 5:15pm. Hope to see you there!

Thursday 9/29 Kosciusko is hosting a "Step Back in Time". This program was a great success last year and we anticipate another wonderful program this year!

Prepare to be Pumpkin Chunked!! The Learner's Class will be hosting a month long fundraiser for "Imagine NO Malaria". Your yard could be under plastic pumpkin attack for a good cause! The class is requesting $15 to have the pumpkins removed and $20 if you'd like to delegate where they go next. If you want to ensure your yard stays pumpkin free-you can contact a member of the Learner's Class to make a $25 contribution.