He Is Risen!

As a philosopher he proposed a simple, commonsense, and satisfying (though sometimes paradoxical) system of practical living.

As a teacher he told captivating stories that simply yet eloquently explained the realities of daily living.

As a social interventionist he manipulated the challenging circumstances of person’s lives in such a way that their “black threads” were removed from their tapestry.

As a soldier of just relationships he fought for “charity” over “parity”.

As a son he modeled how one should honor their parents.

As a brother he was admired.

As a confidante he was trusted.

As an iterant he traveled lightly.

As a recreationalist he likes boats, fishing, and wilderness adventure.

As a biblical scholar, quite simply, he knew his stuff.

As a spiritual journeyman he freely shared what needed to be shared and kept personal what should only be shared with God.

And, in his dying, he demonstrated his utter humanity with heroic courage.


As a man, he deserves my utmost respect.  And yet, it was his resurrection from the dead that sealed his “Lordship” over every dimension of life, both mortal and eternal.  As “Lord” of all life, he is the “boss” of me.  And that’s why I celebrate Easter.  His name is Jesus.  And he is risen, indeed!

Dr. Don Patterson

excerpt from April Newsletter